Discovering Comapedrosa

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Walk grade

High level
Intermediate level
Easy level
High level
6 Duration (hours)
12 Distance (km)
1090 Positive slope (m.)


Coll de la Botella-Collada de Sanfons-Comapedrosa peak-Comapedrosa refuge-Comapedrosa communal Natural Park car park

Today we will head towards the highest point of Andorra. Pay attention to the slope that you will have to overcome. We will do a semi-circular route starting the hike at the Coll de la Botella, from where, passing through the collada de Sanfons, we will look for the "normal" route of the peak, the GR11. After having passed the Negre lake we will reach the highest point of the Principality, the Comapedrosa peak. If the weather is good, we can even see the Midi de Bigorre. The long descent will follow almost all the time the GR11 which, passing by the refuge, will take us to the Comapedrosa communal Natural Park car park.


Intermediate level
5.5 Duration (hours)
10 Distance (km)
830 Positive slope (m.)


Coll de la Botella-Portella de Sanfons-Port Vell peak- Portella de Comallempla-Truites lake-Comapedrosa refuge-Comapedrosa communal Natural Park car park

We will start from the Coll de la Botella and we will take the GRP to the portella de Sanfons, passing first through port Negre and port Vell. At the portella de Sanfons we will have already covered almost all the positive slope of the day. We will only need a short climb to reach the Port Vell peak. We will continue along the carena until we will arrive at the portella de Comallempla to begin, now, a long and steep descent to the Comapedrosa communal Natural Park car park. During the descent we will pass by the Truites lake and the Comapedrosa sheltered refuge.


Easy level
5 Duration (hours)
8 Distance (km)
550 Positive slope (m.)


Comapedrosa communal Natural Park car park-Pla de l’Estany refuge- Comapedrosa communal Natural Park car park

The route will take us first to the borda Agunes and to the borda Coruvilla. Combining trails and paths, we will pass through the serrat del rec de l’Areny to finally arrive at the pleta and the Pla de l'Estany refuge. Part of the descent will be done by paths parallel to the ascent and the last part following a new path opened this spring 2023. We will find a magnificent high mountain environment, in one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of the park.


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