The following requirements need to be taken into consideration in order to become a participant of the Andorra Walking Festival.

All the participants in the AWF will be protected by an accident insurance, which will cover their activities within the Andorran territory. Participants over 85 years old should contact the organization.

Underage children must be accompanied by an adult or guardian, who will consider the child to be trained for the activity and will be responsible for the minor  for every purpose.

People with any phisical or mental limitations should be accompanied by an adult, who will take responsibility for him/her, and should also inform the organisation about this matter.

Pets are NOT allowed in any of the AWF activities.

Hiking routes will be leaded by mountain guides and the cultural visits, by cultural guides – in both cases, officially qualified- The participants must follow the guides’ instructions and indications in any circumstances.

In the hiking excursions, the use of suitable clothes and shoes for high mountain and for any weather conditions is mandatory. Sneakers or shoes with smooth soles will NOT be admitted. The guides will be entitled to exclude the participants who don’t fulfill these regulations. In case of underage children, who will require backpacks in order to be carried, these backpacks must be approved and authorized for mountain carrying purposes.

Bad weather conditions (rain, wind or cold weather) will not be a cause of the hiking excursions cancellation. The participants will be responsible to foresaw any of the aforementioned bad conditions. The guides will be entitled to cancel the activity due to safety reasons (e.g. storms with intense electrical activity).

Hiking excursions will have a minimum of 20 participants per level. In case this number is not reached, the organisation will relocate the participants in other levels.

With their registration in the ANDORRA WALKING FESTIVAL, the participants will waive their image rights and authorise the organisation and their sponsors to freely use and publish the pictures and/or recordings made within the AWF event, in any media and/or advertising and promotional format. Image rights waiving applies to an unlimited period of time and geographical location. Authorisation and image rights waiving are free.

Registration can be cancelled before July the 1st 2024, and its fee will be refunded. From this date, the organisation will not return any amount under any circumstances, even if they are justified. Registration is personal and non-transferrable and involves the agreement of these regulations.

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