AWF, we respect the environment

The organisation of the AWF is based upon a total respect towards the environment, and social sustainable responsibility. As organizers of an event with a number of participants moving through nature, we would like to clarify the following:

  • One-use or unnecesary plastics usage will be reduced to the minimum. Packed lunch will be provided in a re-usable bag (made of raffia), and all the packages depending on the AWF organization will be made of paper.
  • All participants will be required to bring their own water bottle or flask, in order to reduce plastic bottles usage. Personal cutlery will be necessary for the ones preferring salads to sandwiches in their daily packed lunch.
  • Footprints from our mountain boots should be the only reminder of our presence along the ways during the AWF. Every waste generated by each participant should be thrown in a specific container placed at the end of the excursion by the organization. It is completelly forbidden to leave fruit waste, paper tissues, etc …behind in the mountain.
  • Every participant must be responsible for the compliance of the aforementioned point. In case of unfulfilment of the above, the guides will be entitled to act accordingly.
  • We are not alone in the mountains. It is forbidden to shout out loud, listen to music through speakers, etc … it is a question of respect towards the rest of participants and towards the environment.
  • All required transfers for the AWF will depart from Canillo village, by means of colective transport. We would like private transport usage to be unnecessary for every participant staying in Canillo.