Discovering the Sorteny Valley Natural Park

Walk grade

High level
Intermediate level
Basic level
High level
6.5 Duration (hours)
12 Distance (km)
1060 Positive slope (m.)


Coma de Ransol - Meners Hill - La Serrera Peak - Sorteny mountain refuge - Sorteny parking

This is one of the most spectacular journeys we can take within the Andorran territory. The starting point will be Ransol valley, following the Meners river. We will pass through three lakes to reach the Meners hill. Next to the hill we will see vestiges of a highly important trade for the economy of the country during the XVII, XVIII and the beginning of the XX century: the mining industry. From the top of the hill we will go up to the Serrera peak, 2.913 m high, one of the highest summits in Andorra (and in the AWF). The descent will entirely go across the Sorteny Natural Park and, going by the mountain refuge and the botanical garden, we will finally get to the park entrance (the exit, in our case).


Intermediate level
5 Duration (hours)
8.8 Distance (km)
650 Positive slope (m.)


Sorteny Park parking - Estanyó Lake - Sorteny mountain refuge - Sorteny parking

The outing will depart from the park information point. A spectacular path along Sorteny river will take us to the botanical garden. The steep climb inside the black pines forest will lead us up to the Estanyó lake (2.350 m.) It is located in a unrivalled setting, both wild and deserted. It will be the ideal place to rest a bit and reenergise. When going down, we will go by the mountain refuge and we will finally end the excursion at the park entrance.


Basic level
3 Duration (hours)
4 Distance (km)
333 Positive slope (m.)


Sorteny Park parking - Sorteny mountain refuge - Planell del Quer (Quer Plains) - Rialb Valley - Sorteny parking

The beginning of the excursion follows the same path as level B up to the botanical garden. As of this point, we will walk along the end of the valley, next to the river, getting to Sorteny manned mountain shelter. From there, after a short climb, we will get to Quer plains. It's a widely open plain, which connects Sorteny and Rialp valleys. A strong descent will take us down to Rialb wide valley, a perfect example of a glacier origin valley. Once we get to the end of the valley, a nice walk will take us again to the starting point.


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